Merchant Cash Advance
up to $500,000

Stop waiting for customers when Simply Funding will advance your sales today.

About Us

Simply Funding can advance your business by purchasing up to $500,000 of its future sales, today! We’ll pay your business upfront, then collect a small percentage of future sales as they occur until a pre-determined amount is collected.

Sometimes referred to as a business advance or merchant cash advance, an advance is an amount of money paid to a business to purchase sales that would normally occur in the future. A percentage of the future sales are collected by scheduling an ACH debit from your business checking account or directly from your credit card processing transactions.


Average funding amount

Same day approval

Within 24 hours

100% Customer Satisfaction


Simply Funding has provided millions of dollars to businesses all over the United States.

When you need cash for expansion, growth, repairs, or inventory, Simply Funding is your source.

Funding Amount

Simply will purchase between $10,000 and $500,000 of future business receivables.

Approval Time

Same day approval--within 24 hours at the latest. Simply complete our short one page application.


You simply need to be in business for at least 3 months and average $10,000 each month in gross sales.

Business Types

We purchase receivables from almost every business type. Check with our team for a list of accepted business types.

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Getting started is easy. Simply complete our one page application. We’ll review your business and reply within 24 hours.

Step 2

Our team evaluates your business. We base approvals on past sales history and the probability of future sales.

Step 3

Get funded! After you get an offer, simply sign our agreement and receive money in as fast as one day.

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“Simply is very reliable. Low rates and fast turnaround times. Always available every time when we call them for support.”

Antonio Rodrigaz
Fund My Biz, NY Partner

“Much faster than our local bank. Additional working capital is exactly what our business has been lacking. Thank you Simply.”

TX Client

“Being a broker with Simply has been great. I have worked with the staff for over three years. Never any problems.”

Roger Hayes
Fast Funding, AZ Partner

“I’m really happy with Simply. The merchant cash advance that Simply provided was the perfect solution for my growing business.”

FL Client